Eye lift and/or Eyelid Correction

As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and our muscles slacken. Because of this, the skin above the eye tends to sag and bags can occur under the eyes. Sometimes bags under the eyes become a problem in early adulthood, in which case this is usually a trait that is genetically inherited. Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved with simple eye lift and/or eyelid correction surgery (also known as an eyebag removal or Blepharoplasty).

What are the benefits of eye lift and/or eyelid correction surgery and what sort of problems is it suitable for?

Men and women of all ages who are concerned about saggy eyelids or prominent eyebags can benefit from eye lift and/or eyelid reduction surgery. By removing the loose skin and sometimes some of the fat underneath, it is possible to achieve a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

What does eye lift and/or eyelid correction surgery involve?

Surplus skin and, where necessary, underlying fat, is carefully removed and the incisions are then close with very fine stitches. Sometimes it is only necessary to remove the fat from under the lower lid, in which case this can often be done from the inside of the eyelid, leaving no scar on the outer lid.

What sort of anaesthetic is available when having eyelid correction surgery?

In many cases eye lift and/or eyelid correction can be performed under local anaesthetic with mild sedation, which eliminates the very small but intrinsic risks associated with a general anaesthetic.

How long does eye lift and/or eyelid correction correction surgery take?

The surgery usually only takes about 40 minutes for the eyelids and 40 minutes for eyebags. Sometimes an overnight stay in one of our private hospitals is required.

Who will perform the eyelid correction surgery?

A fully qualified specialist Consultant Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, who is a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons or European equivalent. You will have a consultation with the surgeon who will perform the procedure in advance of your surgery.

Where will the eyelid correction surgery be performed?

In a state-of-the-art private hospital which specialises in cosmetic surgery and is registered with the Care Quality Commission.

What is the recovery time following eyelid correction surgery?

The recovery time differs from one person to another but there is usually some bruising and swelling under the eyes, which fades within 10 – 20 days. Following eyelid correction surgery the head should be elevated for a few days to reduce swelling, and cold compresses may also help. Cleaning the eyes with water is sometimes recommended, as is the use of eye drops, but the surgeon will provide advice on this.

What aftercare is provided following eyelid correction surgery?

An overnight stay is sometimes preferred after the operation, during which you will receive the optimum medical care. You will have a check-up with the clinic nurse 5 – 7 days after the eyebag removal surgery, at which point the stitches will be removed. You will also have consultations with the surgeon at 4 – 6 weeks and thereafter as appropriate.

Are there any after-effects or associated risks from eyelid correction surgery?

As with most operations, there may be some post-operative swelling, bruising and soreness after the surgery, but this gradually fades over the course of 10 – 20 days. It may feel a little tight when you close your eyes after eye bag surgery because of the swelling but this should not last long. Sometimes the eyes seem watery after surgery, partly because of the swelling and partly because the tear ducts are swollen and therefore do not drain as easily. There should not be any other side effects. There are small risks associated with all surgery, but we have successfully treated thousands of patients over the years and use fully qualified specialist surgeons, so risks are minimal. We will be more than happy to discuss any concerns you may have during your consultation.

Can eyelid correction surgery be used in conjunction with other treatments?

Sometimes it is possible to have other cosmetic procedures in conjunction with eyebag surgery. If you are considering other cosmetic procedures, we can provide you with advice during your consultation.

How does the process work?

The first step is to arrange a free consultation at our eyelift Chester clinic with one of our professional, sympathetic and highly trained counsellors. They will assess your requirements, talk to you about the procedure and give you all the eye bag removal information you need. It is important to us that you feel entirely comfortable with every element of the procedure, so there will be no pressure to proceed and we will be happy to answer any queries you may have. If you decide you would like to go ahead, you will have a consultation with the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure, in which you can discuss all the elements of the surgery, the desired result and ensure you are completely happy to proceed.

Can I spread the cost of eyelid correction surgery?

At The Alexandra Clinic we want to make eyebag removal surgery affordable for everyone, so we offer finance packages to help you spread the cost. When you come in for a consultation at our eyelift Chester clinic we can tell you all about our affordable payment plan.