Facial Surgery

Sometimes, what we perceive as a significant flaw in one particular facial feature, such as a big nose or under-eye bags, can have a huge impact on our confidence. The effects of the ageing process can also have a dramatic impact on self-esteem, and many people want a solution that is more effective and long lasting than over-the-counter remedies. At The Alexandra Clinic we provide facial surgery to remedy all the most common facial issues.


Facelifts have become increasingly popular amongst men and women who want to restore a more youthful appearance.

Mini Facelifts

The Mini Facelift (S-Facelift) is a highly effective, yet gentler, alternative to a traditional facelift, which doesn't require a general anaesthetic.

Scarless Facelifts

Scarless Facelifts use stitches, rather than surgery, to lift specific areas of the face, meaning less facial trauma and a quicker recovery.

Nose Reshaping

Nose Reshaping is a common procedure which can reduce or change the shape of the nose.

Eyelid Correction

Eyelid Correction eliminates the droopy eyelids and under eye bags which occur in many people as they age.

Ear Correction

Ear Correction is a simple procedure which remedies 'sticking out ears', a common problem for men and women.