Men's Treatments

At The Alexandra Clinic we provide a wide range of cosmetic surgery for men, (also known as plastic surgery for men). Every year we treat hundreds of men who care about the way they look and want to either improve a specific feature which has been affecting their self-esteem or simply look their best.

Non-surgical Treatments for Men

If you are looking for non-surgical treatments for men, take a look at our muscle relaxant treatments or dermal fillers. They are perfectly suited for men who want to look younger but don't want surgery.

Facial Surgery for Men

Our S-Facelifts (also known as mini facelifts) are a cosmetic procedure particularly suitable for men who want to reduce the signs of ageing in the face, because there are no incisions in the hairline and therefore no hair loss.

We find that a lot of men come to us for eyelid correction surgery, a relatively simple procedure which reduces the signs of ageing around the eyes. Nose Reshaping and Ear Correction are also very popular cosmetic procedures for men. If you are fed-up with the shape of your nose or protruding ears, we can help.

Body Surgery for Men

Men tend to store fat around their flanks, stomach and breasts, which sometimes even diet and exercise can't eliminate. If you have areas of excess fat that are troubling you, take a look at our liposuction for men.

Book a free consultation with one of our highly trained and sympathetic counsellors, who will give you all the support, information and advice you need regarding our range of men's treatments.