Real Story - Breast Enlargement

Vickie from North Wales, cosmetic surgery case study

I had always felt that my breasts were out of proportion with the rest of my body and after having two children, not only did I feel they were still small, but now they felt completely empty! I was conscious about the types of tops I was wearing and fed up with having to wear padded bras and ‘chicken fillets’ to give my breasts some shape. A breast enlargement was something I had considered for a long time but had always felt nervous about actually going ahead with surgery.

The Alexandra Clinic came highly recommended - I knew of other clinics in the area but had never heard the same reports, so I decided to book a consultation. I was immediately put at ease. The staff were so helpful and I felt confident to go ahead with a second appointment for an assessment with the surgeon. Once again I was more than happy with the service that was given. The surgeon was not only approachable but he listened to me. I wanted to look as natural as possible and he was able to explain the whole procedure and what size implant was suitable for the look I wanted to achieve. He was so helpful and I was put at ease by his professional and caring manner. I felt that I had been thoroughly informed of everything, so was more than happy to go ahead and book the date for my surgery.

The hospital staff were all amazing. From the moment I arrived they were always on hand. The surgeon came to see me again just before going to theatre, and on my return the nurse was there helping to make me comfortable. I was able to just lay and rest, as I was in my own private room, which was perfect. I was taken home the following day by the clinic driver, which was such a help, and my recovery at home didn’t take too long. I was back at work after 5 days, taking things easy but able to get around and cope. I went back to the clinic for my dressings to be removed by the nurse and have since been back for routine checks. The clinic still has that lovely, caring welcome whenever I visit.

I have since gone on to have a third child and was able to breast feed just as well as I did prior to my surgery. It has been 7 years since I had my breast enlargement and I am still thrilled with the results!