Real Story - Breast Reduction

Karen from Chester, cosmetic surgery case study

For many years I was unhappy with my appearance because of my 32F breasts. I found it very difficult to find clothes that fitted and that gave me a good shape, since the rest of my frame is quite slight. I was spending a fortune on expensive bras, which I needed to give my breasts the support they required. A friend had been to The Alexandra Clinic for breast surgery and highly recommended the clinic and the surgeon who had carried out her operation. As I had already been for a consultation elsewhere and not been impressed I was pleased that a friend was able to recommend the clinic as a result of her own personal experience.

I found the surgeon to be very professional and caring, and after a thorough consultation and assessment we decided on a breast reduction of three cup sizes. I felt confident enough to book the surgery date, and the clinic arranged transport to and from the hospital which was a great help. I had a single en suite room, and the surgeon came to see me before theatre to go through the procedure again and take photographs. After surgery I spent one night in the hospital before I was taken home the following day. I spent the first two days in bed, but apart from some initial swelling I felt quite comfortable once the dressings were removed, and I was driving after one week.

I am so pleased with the result and I feel 10 years younger! I plan to dress up and flaunt them!