Real Story - Facelift and Neck Surgery

Barbara from Bangor, cosmetic surgery case study

I never liked my neck much, even in my twenties. I’ve always been slim but my neck looked a little scrawny, and I promised myself years ago that when I hit 60, if my neck looked older than me, I would do something about it.

I had no recommendations, so I picked up the Yellow Pages one day on impulse and by sheer good luck I chose The Alexandra Clinic. It was the first call I made. I made a further two calls to other clinics but The Alexandra Clinic sounded just what I was looking for, especially as they provide transport to and from the hospital after a general anaesthetic.

After a very relaxing conversation with the Clinic Director Tony Jordon and an informative consultation and assessment with the surgeon, I decided to have a lower facelift as well as neck surgery. As I was having a general anaesthetic I thought I may as well. I know now that if I hadn’t, I would have gone back again later to have the facelift done. It was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life!

The staff at The Alexandra Clinic and hospital were great, making me feel at home. After the lower facelift and neck surgery I was given pain killers to take home, though in fact I only experienced very minor discomfort – I thought it would be much worse!

I am absolutely delighted with the results. I am fast approaching 65 but I look 20 years younger and feel like I’m 25 again, as though I have regained my lost youth.

Old friends, neighbours and ex-colleagues I haven’t seen for a while all remark on how well and happy I look. Only three close friends know about the facelift and neck surgery. The rest think I look good because I have recovered from a very traumatic divorce.

I had thought long and hard about this for at least ten years, so I know I did it for all the right reasons. My morale was at an all time low, and although not appropriate for everyone, it was just what I needed to send my confidence soaring. I feel so good about myself, when I look in the mirror now I smile.