Real Story - Nose Reshaping

Samira from Chester, cosmetic surgery case study

I looked into having my nose correction to look better, which for me is very important. Overall, I didn’t like the look of my nose. The reality is I had probably thought about getting a nose job for a good four or five years before I finally went ahead and did it.

When I made the decision that I really wanted rhinoplasty surgery, I did really extensive research on the internet (of course) and read relevant news journals. I visited many, many sites and read up in discussion forums to get a feel for who might be the primary candidates for my nose surgery.

In the end I found The Alexandra Clinic in Chester. Once I had made the decision, I went through the process of meeting with Dr. Bernard Sleiter, getting a consultation and viewing before and after photos of his previous patients. Overall, it was very easy and relaxing – something that was important to me. There was no pressure and Dr. Sleiter patiently listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions. From my internet research I had learned that some doctors don’t take much time with patients and pressure them into making a decision. This was not the case at The Alexandra Clinic, so right from the beginning we got off to a good start.

The nose surgery itself was pretty easy and everything went great. Of course there was some discomfort after the surgery, but I think that’s to be expected with any operation. After a few days things were back on track, the pain was gone, and I was up and around…so overall it was a very simple process.

The results? Well, I guess that’s ultimately the most important thing, and I have to say I love my new nose! So I’m thrilled with the work Dr. Sleiter did. It’s almost like I never had it done and my new nose always looked this way. It’s natural and looks great – you really can’t tell I even had a nose job.

Because of all these things, the great experience from beginning to end and the fantastic results, there is no option about it – I would highly recommend Dr. Sleiter and The Alexandra Clinic in Chester.